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What is a Press Release? A Guide for Small Business Owners

A press release is a written statement that a company or organization distributes to news outlets, announcing news or events that they believe will be of interest to the public. Press releases are an effective way for businesses to share information about their products, services, and events with a wider audience, including journalists, bloggers, and potential customers.

Press Release Template for a Small Business

Here's an example template for a press release that a small business might use to announce its launch:

[Company Logo]

[Company Name]


[City, State ZIP Code]

[Phone number]


[Email address]




[City, State] – [Company Name] is excited to announce its launch as a new small business in [City, State]. [Company Name] offers [products/services] for [target audience]. [Company Name] is committed to [unique selling proposition].

[Quote from CEO or founder]

[Additional details about the business, including mission, values, and background]

[Supporting quote from satisfied customer or partner]

[Details about the launch event, if applicable]

[Additional quotes or information, if necessary]

[Company Name] is eager to contribute to the [City/State] business community and looks forward to serving its customers with excellence. For more information about [Company Name] and its launch, please visit [Website] or contact [Name] at [Phone number or email address].

About [Company Name]:

[Company Name] is a [brief description of the company and what it does]. [Company Name] is founded on [mission and values]. [Company Name] is located in [City, State] and is committed to providing [products/services] of the highest quality to its customers.


This template can be customized to fit the needs of your small business. Just make sure that the information you include is newsworthy and relevant to your target audience. You should also ensure that your press release is well-written, with a clear, concise message and no errors or typos.


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