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Case Study: Real Estate Agent

This case study is about a real estate agent who was struggling to grow their business and attract new clients. The agent, who had been in the real estate industry for several years, had hit a plateau and was looking for new ways to reach potential buyers and sellers. The agent hired Andrew Jacobs, a digital marketing consultant, to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy to help them reach their business goals.


The real estate agent had a website that was outdated and did not provide much information to potential clients. The website was difficult to navigate, and there was little to no social media presence. The agent's business was mostly referral-based, but they wanted to expand their reach and attract new clients.


Andrew Jacobs developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included several tactics to help the real estate agent reach new potential clients and increase their business. The strategy included:

  1. Website Redesign: Suggested a complete overhaul of the agent's website. The new website included a user-friendly interface, better navigation, and detailed information about the agent's services, listings, and success stories.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimized the agent's website for search engines, including keyword research and optimization of meta descriptions, title tags, and URLs. This helped the website rank higher in search engine results pages, making it easier for potential clients to find the agent.

  3. Social Media Marketing: Created a social media presence for the agent on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Regularly updated content was posted on these platforms, including images and videos of the agent's listings, community events, and other news related to the real estate industry.

  4. Email Marketing: Helped the agent create an email list of potential clients and implemented an email marketing campaign to reach out to them. The campaign included newsletters, promotions, and other relevant information to keep the agent top-of-mind.

  5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Implemented a PPC advertising campaign to drive traffic to the agent's website. The campaign included targeted keywords and ad copy to attract potential clients who were actively searching for real estate services.


After implementing the digital marketing strategy developed by Andrew Jacobs, the real estate agent saw a significant increase in business. The agent's website traffic increased by over 50%, and their social media following grew by over 100%. The agent received several new referrals from their email marketing campaign and saw an increase in new clients from the PPC advertising campaign. The agent was able to expand their reach and grow their business, thanks to the comprehensive digital marketing strategy developed by Andrew Jacobs.

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